Executive Board 


Coller, Betty
Dubuque, Carol
Harrigan, Kathy
Jackson, Carolyn
Laing, Sharron
Nix, Suzanne
Ponners, Joan
Ramroth, Ann
Stankus, Emily



Merri-Craft Florist

Detroit Marriott Livonia Hotel
Sweet Lorraine's Restaurant

St. Mary's Cultural Center

The UPS Store (Five Mile and Newburgh)

Meet the Board..

Sue Nix
Sue Nix has been president of Livonia Town Hall since 2013. She is a retired Livonia Public Schools elementary and preschool teacher. Sue lives in Northville and is married to Robert.

Ann Ramroth
Ann has been the treasurer of Livonia Town Hall since 2011 and was an analyst at Ford, a stay-at-home mom, and an executive assistant to the chairman of an insurance company. 

Emily Stankus
Registration & Luncheon Arraignment Chairman
After retiring from the Livonia Public Schools as an elementary teacher, Emily became involved with Livonia Town Hall. She has been the Registration and Luncheon Arrangement Chairman for over 10 years.  

Betty Coller
Hostess Committee Chairman
Betty is chair of the Hostess Committee and serves on the Executive Board and the Speaker Selection Committee.  She is a former junior high school counselor and upper elementary teacher.  She is married to husband Dale and lives in Livonia.

Joan Ponners
Joan Ponners is a former Livonia school teacher who has served in every office of LTH since 1992. Her greatest satisfaction has been chairing and working with the Speaker Selection Committee, thus enabling LTH to support Livonia's Cultural Community.  She resides in Livonia with her husband, Ron.

Sharron Laing
Program Coordinator
Sharron is a retired Livonia Public School elementary teacher who has been involved with the Livonia Town Hall since the 2000 - 2001 season and on the board since 2011.  She lives in Commerce Township and has been married for almost 50 years.

Carol Dubuque
Carol has served on the Livonia Town Hall as promotion chairperson for 15 years.  She is a retired Dearborn Public Schools elementary teacher and currently lives in Livonia.

Kathy Harrigan
Floral Arranger and Stage Set-Up

Kathy has worked at Merri-craft florist since her Bentley High School days, and has owned it with her husband Larry, for over 30 years. She has enjoyed serving the local community for  47 years and being a part of the Livonia Town Hall for  31 years.



    October 16, 2019
         Louis Masur

   November 20, 2019
           Tom Toro

     January 15, 2020
         Kym Worthy

      March 18, 2020
        Gioia Diliberto

The Livonia Town Hall
Speaker Series is
held at the

St. Mary's Cultural Center
18100 Merriman Road
Livonia, MI

10:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.
Doors open at
9:45 a.m.

Only Ticket Holders
will be admitted.



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