July, 2020

The executive board of Livonia Town Hall has made the difficult decision to suspend our currently scheduled programs for one year. This includes the cancellation of September 16, 2020 speaker, Gioia Diliberto, as well as the entire 2020-2021 season. Due to the current health crisis of Covid-19, and the size of our audience of over 300 people, we felt that safely meeting indoors was not attainable and not in anyone’s best interest.

All 2020-2021 “group contacts” will be receiving their original registration material back in the mail using their self addressed, stamped envelopes. We ask that the “group contact” communicate the decision to suspend programs and return the uncashed checks to the individual subscribers. As is our policy, there is no refund for the cancelled speaker originally scheduled for March 2020.

The board will continue to meet throughout the year. It is our intent to rebook the same speakers we were planning to enjoy, for the 2021-2022 season. We will keep you updated on our website livoniatownhall.org, Facebook, Twitter, the Livonia Observer, and through email.

Livonia Town Hall intends to continue as the altruistic, educational and entertaining organization for which we are known. We hope you will return in the fall of 2021 for our 57th season!

Thank you for your understanding and assistance, please stay safe.

The Executive Board of Livonia Town Hall

Celebrating Fifty-Seven Years

Livonia Town Hall provides interesting, entertaining, and inspiring speakers to a celebrity lecture/luncheon. The audience listens to thought-provoking lectures and participates in an informal question and answer session.

Livonia Town Hall provides a cultural and stimulating forum. It meets four times a year and supports many other community organizations.

See You in 2021


The Livonia Town Hall Speaker Series is held at the

St. Mary's Cultural Center
18100 Merriman Road
Livonia, MI

10:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.
Doors open at
10:00 a.m.

Only Ticket Holders
will be admitted.


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Ticket Options
Patron: Ticket and Luncheons
(includes Lecture Series ticket, priority seating)    $185 per person

Season: Lecture Series and Luncheons                $155 per person


Checks Payable to: Livonia Town Hall
Livonia Town Hall, 37637 Five Mile Rd., #135, Livonia, MI 48154

Phone # 734-751-1898 (Please call between 9a.m.-5p.m., Monday-Friday)

E-Mail: livoniatownhall@hotmail.com

"Colors fade, temples crumble, empires fall, but wise words endure."

Recognitions of the

Livonia "Hall of Fame" 2011
named a "Livonia Ambassador" in the class of 2011

A Special Tribute
from the State of Michigan

 a Resolution from Wayne County

Livonia Town Hall on its

Hall of Fame recognition.

Livonia Volunteer Day Award-2006

The Livonia Town Hall was honored by the City of Livonia w/
"The Essential Piece Award" on City of Livonia Volunteer Day

in appreciation for
outstanding commitment
to the community.

Livonia Town Hall was recognized for outstanding and invaluable service to the community by these distinguished officials:

United States Senate
United States House of Representatives
State of Michigan
Wayne County

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